News One

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* Over 1 million downloads
* Over 1 million app launches a month
* Reached #1 news app in Australia, UK, Canada, India.
* Reached top 10 in US.

News from all major news sources from five major countries ( USA, Canada, Australia, UK, India) in one easy to use news app ! The most selling news app of Australia, UK, Canada, India now is rolled into one single app : News One Lite.

This is the free version of News One. You can UNLOCK the full version by in-app purchase.

An extensive list of news sources covering Sports, General, Movies, Technology, Business and Regional news.

News One does not download news to your iPhone and use up your iPhones CPU and memory. It uses an external server to do all the processing and all you get is quick access to the news.

NOW access 500+ news sources.

Choose the number of stories you want to see in each category.

Offline viewing, open news in Safari.

Updated every hour, the news comes to you fresh in simple and easy to use app.


* Universal app: Now works on iPad too.
* Customize tabs to set country and category of news you want to see.
* Customize font
* Select the sources from hundreds of news sources
* Set number of news items per source
* Share on Facebook, Twitter, Email
* Save bookmarks
* Enhanced navigation
* Fast switch support and retina images